Of nothingness and other matters

The only way to conquer verbal constipation is to write an inanely long post about nothing, I declare.

It's anniversary time! Let's bore the world.

Why-oh-why does the 100th episode of a fab sitcom have to be a collection of very funny snippets from the last 99 episodes? Hullo, but I already laughed on those jokes and that is why you are still on air! Even a show as clever as Seinfeld does that to me. No fair.

Talking of anniversaries, I must announce that my LJ turns three this month. And now, gentleladies and gentlemen, we shall read snippets of my best posts from last year! Or not.

They stereotype me and I am a hypocrite.

It all happened within a space of 60 minutes. As I got into the cab and unfolded the newspaper, the rustle woke up my dozing neighbor. “You are reading the paper” he commented as if awed. My arced eyebrow forced him to elucidate. “Women don't usually read the newspaper” he offered. “In which culture?” I queried. “No no, I meant, women don't read the newspaper in buses or cabs.” I smiled and decided that he was one of those stereotyping kinds.

Another person I often see in my cab and exchange pleasantries with is this extremely sweet and polite young girl. She is one of those quiet ones who keep to themselves and therefore, gain a lot of cookie points in my little black mental diary. This morning, after the newspaper incident, as I walked into my workplace, I saw her standing by the car parking, a cigarette dangling in her slim fingers. My first thought, “God! She smokes.” My second thought, “Oh Lord, I am a hypocrite!” For all the openmindedness that I swear by, in my head there is this certain classification for women who smoke. Shame on me. Or can I blame it on social conditioning? Okay, I had to try. :p

I like those who turn books into movies.

Yes, even those who do not do a good job of it! See, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I had a deprived childhood as far as books are concerned. I had access to a library that was full of Enid Blyton's tales and likes of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drews. Therefore, as a kid I never felt deprived. It is only now that I realize with a shock how much I have missed. However, Neil Gaimans and Stephen Kings all around the world are busy writing great books and I find it extremely difficult to keep up. As a result there is a little chance for me to go back and explore goodies I missed out on as a kid. However, every time a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or a Chronicles of Narnia comes along, I am forced to pick up a book or two. And every once in a while, a Constantine makes me pick up a Hellblazer. Goodness, these moviemakers are.

And here, I run out of things to say.

One has to put some limit to inane chatter as well. So I will stop now, but not before I give you some food for thought:

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do
I have a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me

What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
Eating as much as an elephant eats
What are you at getting terribly fat?
What do you think will come of that?


PS: I did warn you about the mindlessness of the post in the very beginning. No blame for wasting your precious time will be taken by yours truly. Thank you very much.


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