Fascinating Fictional Females

When I sat down to list my favorite female characters, my first thought was that of The Bride from Kill Bill. Next on my mind were Bridget Jones, Ally McBeal, and Amelie. However, these memorable characters did not feature anywhere on my final list. Despite being unique and unforgettable, these characters are unreal. The ones that feature on my list are those with whom I relate. Or I did relate at some point or the other.

Celine: From Before Sunset. Played by Julie Delpy. Celine, as portrayed in the second movie (first being Before Sunrise), strikes as an oxymoron personified. She is sweet yet angry. She is a romantic, yet a realist. She is at peace with self, still yearning. And, I think these contradictions make her real. She is full of faults and still completely endearing. In addition, she is a well thought of character that has been tempered by time. Her surroundings, her clothes, her belongings in the movie seem to have been chosen with care by the character herself. They all make her what she is.

If I were a thief, I would steal her charming little apartment complete with its furnishings and book collection.

Carrie Bradshaw: From Sex and the City. Played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie is flawed, in every possible way. She is confused, obsessed, emotionally weak, confused, star struck, determined, confused, optimistic, and confused. This ultra sexy, super confident journalist makes mistakes at every step and breaks into tears as soon as she shuts her bedroom door, but she invariably pulls herself up and moves on, more optimistic than ever before. She is a character that matures over seven seasons but remains true to her original self – confused as ever. I love her for humanness and courage to face the world alone.

If I were a thief, I would steal her three friends; after all it's hard to find people who will love you no matter what. She found three of them.

Jennifer Cavilleri: From Love Story, the book. Jennifer, as I remember her, is this quick witted, simple but determined girl who follows her heart. She is a very strong woman who knows her mind, or at least that is how I thought her to be when I read the book many years ago. However, Jennifer is a well sculpted character that has stayed with me ever since.

If I were a thief, I would steal her happy disposition.

Kathleen Kelly: From You've Got Mail. Played by Meg Ryan. Kathleen is the most simple character I have come across ever! And in this simplicity lies her strength. A young girl with small dreams, happy in her own world, yet strong enough to fight for what is rightfully hers. Her romanticism is visible in her every action. She takes time to smell the flowers, to breathe in the aroma of freshly made coffee, and make a little kids smile. Kathleen is a character that touches one's heart without being painfully sweet, or so I think.

If I were a thief (oh, how I wish I were), I would steal her cozy, genial, and well-stocked bookshop.

Monica Geller: From Friends. Played by Courteney Cox. Monica, in one word, is obsessive. Despite being a cleanliness freak, she is warm and congenial, loves to dote over her friends, has a strong need to be liked by one and all, and constantly struggles to achieve perfection. The girl who cannot not open presents is strong willed enough to come all the way from being obese to her super sexy present self. Plus, she is a chef. It is hard to not like someone who pulls out one yummy delight after another from her microwave!

If I were a thief, I would steal her cooking skills.


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