Terrific Three: The Mirthful, the Gorgeous, and the Precious

On a rare occasion does one watch three movies consecutively and find them all brilliant. I recently experienced one such occasion.

The Mirthful

You do not ask for ones opinion on A Fish Called Wanda; since to watch Wanda is to love Wanda. This is a universal truth. It’s a tale of murder, lust, greed, revenge, and seafood. A bunch of greedy people plans and executes a jewel robbery, double cross each other, and end up in trouble. Wanda, the lusty greedy fish, is ready to do anything for the jewels. Four men, who’ve hots for her and the jewels, surround her, but our Wanda has her likings straight: jewels and men who speak Italian!

It’s a heartwarming piece of gem that made my love for British comedies grow tenfold.

The Gorgeous

Watching Under the Tuscan Sun made one thing very clear to me. I am not getting married unless the man promises to take me to Tuscany! Coming back to the point, the movie is based on a travelogue by Frances, who bought herself a villa in Tuscany while on a whimsical trip. Frances takes an impulsive and gay trip to Tuscany while coming to terms with her brutal divorce. The movie takes us through the beautiful cobbled streets of Tuscany, behind the colorful bushes, right inside the exquisite villas. Everything about the movie is delightful: be it the fountains on the streets of Rome, the crazy ice-cream eating blond, the olive trees, the endlessly stretching green gardens.

The movie is soaked in romance, beauty, and hope.

The Precious

Howl’s Moving Castle is a tale of coming of age of a wizard. The movie runs like a dream, a child’s euphoric dream full of mystical creatures, wondrous beings, and scary beasts. Sophie, a poor young girl who works as a hatter, finds herself cursed by the witch of waste one morning. Embarrassed of her curse, she runs away to the haunted land, where she meets umpteen cursed friends: the cutest sparky fire ever, a jaunty but tumbling scarecrow, a little boy who loves to disguise as an old man, and the young n charming Howl. She takes refuge in Howls strange and ugly moving castle and develops affection for all the cursed ones. Thereon, she dares to fight the wicked forces and finds the charming Howl's lost heart back.

A true Hayao Miyazaki movie, full of precious moments, pretty sights, and cute creatures.


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