Man, it is an addiction! And, I ODed.

Let me begin from the beginning. Around six to seven months back, Star World announced a brand new show that had been making waves all around the world – Desperate Housewives. The teasers were perfect and they got my attention. But by the time the show came on air, (and let me add at a very odd time on a very odd day of the week; who watches late night shows on Sundays?), I had got hold of seven seasons of Sex and the City!

So while the world caught up on the happenings of Wisteria Lane, I was engrossed in the lives of four single women and their dating woes. What happens when you have access to the entire show or at least entire season of a show? You live the show; as I lived in Manhattan for the last two months of 2005. I sipped virtual cosmopolitans on my late night visits to the posh downtown restaurants and I discovered a whole new world of designer footwear, primarily Manolo Blahniks. After I finished watching the final season, it took me weeks to come out of the illusionary web woven by the four women. And when I did, I wanted to know what was so special about Desperate Housewives that made Kristin Davis (from Sex and the City) badmouth it. Hence began my quest for Season One of the show that had already been aired by our friendly channel in the past months. The hunt was easy but the effort in procuring it was something! Anyhow, after three weeks of hardwork of procuring the show, it took me five days (not to forget, nights) to finish watching 23 episodes.

It was almost an obsessive compulsive disorder. I spent the entire Sunday watching one episode after the other. I rushed my work to get home early on Monday and catch a few more episodes. When I went to bed, I dreamt of Bree’s perfection, Susan’s sloppiness, Lynette’s shark attacks, and Gabrielle’s manipulative ways. Tuesday was not as lucky, I had to work late but I stayed up till after midnight (on a weekday, mind you!) to see the mystery get solved.

This morning, I have all the answers (well, almost all) but no energy. I have replied to mails that were meant to be deleted, I have deleted documents that were meant to be archived. I have avoided all client meetings for the fear of making a fool of myself or simply falling asleep while they explained their requirements. But I am a happy-happy girl. Man, the show is so well made. This is how drama series are meant to be. The characters so well defined, stay true themselves as the story develops and mystery twists and turns. It is quite something to be able to make a strong storyline go hand-in-hand with the seeminly-small events that help evolve the characters. Don’t the K-fanatics watch shows like these?

Okay, time to go. Pardon any spelling or grammatical mistakes. You see, I have not slept in three days.


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