The George of the Jungle,* Italian Chow, and a Dull Blogger

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George flicks a picture of Jerry’s pretty girl and uses it to hit on other chicks? He claims the attractive woman in the picture is his dead wife. Well, there is a George somewhere in my office and he stole my best friend’s picture from my soft board. If you are reading this, dear friend, feel flattered. There are a lot of things pinned all around my computer but George took your picture.

In other news, I had super delicious Italian lunch today, at a place called The Village Shop. The restaurant is camouflaged as roadside soft drinks and snack shop and is designed to be missed. It does business purely by the word of mouth. The dimly-lit, tiny place with craggily painted walls has tables draped in yellow silk tablecloths. The fried spinach mushrooms were scrumptious (despite whatever they sound like) and the plate of herb fettuccini with tomato sauce got cleaned up before I could spell fettuccini in my head. I wish I was carrying my camera as food so delicious must be snapped. If you live or work in Gurgaon, you absolutely must check this place out.

In more news, my blogging skills have deteriorated to the extent that I now describe my meals in my posts. Consequently, my dear fellow LJ-ers, I implore you to pray for improvement in my devolving writing skills and lack of ideas. Unless you do so, I shall continue to corrupt your friends page with meaningless descriptions of useless actions that I undertake every day.

*Jungle being the place I come daily to earn my bread.


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