Bluebells, Hummingbirds and Neverland

Let’s talk of the world that never was,
Of fairies, elves, brownies, and dwarves.
Where zest is the normal way of life,
For the sprite, the hobbit, and his wife.

The blue stream sparkles through this land,
And on its side, pines, elms, and maples stand.
Blue birds hum on top of chestnuts and cherry,
Underneath which the brownies make merry.

Drink of wines both red and white,
Is shared in the spirit oh so bright.
Pixies dance while hobbits hum,
High they are on cookies and rum.

The fairies wake up at the crack of dawn,
To smell lilacs and lilies in the lawn.
They walk with steps ever so light,
On dew drops that collect all through the night.

The creatures laugh and live together,
With sisters, uncles, aunts and mother.
They drink coffee in day and wine at night,
Never do they get into a fight.

Of happy endings and pixie dust,
This tale is a fiction, if know you must.
Nonetheless if you desire, you understand,
All of this happens in the neverland.



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