In which I talk about the lack of essentials in my life

What does it take to make a girl happy?

A Hindi flick, a cool gadget, and a short impromptu holiday.

Holidays that do not happen

When was the last time I set my foot outside Delhi? Well technically speaking, this very morning but we are not counting the National Capital Region where one works, damn it.

I work like donkey and then I work some more. I live weekend to weekend, hoping that every new weekend will bring with it a bundle of surprising and fun proceedings. This does not happen.

Forget Vatican City, I cannot even seem to take a vacation in Kullu! And I do not even want to go to Kullu, if you know what I mean.

The inevitable ban on happiness

It has finally happened! The self-imposed ban on gadgets is here to stay. The unmentionable happened last Friday when I, high on music and cola, slipped my digital camera (nothing less than Nikon Coolpix) outside my carry bag. Slip it did, out of my hand; on to the floor of the cab I will never see again in my life. I will never see my Coolpix either.

Therefore, I have now been barred from buying, talking, or dreaming about any cool gizmos. I shall not buy myself anything technologically hot for a long-long time to come. I shall pine for a camera every time sun takes a refuge behind the dark clouds, every time my friends visit me, every time I have a moment. And that, ladies and gentlemen, will be my punishment for being careless.

Watching movies, a thing of the past

The last Hindi movie I saw was Rang De Basanti, and I caught it in the first week itself. This means that I have not seen a Hindi movie in the past five months. A movie buff is what I used to be, right?

Surviving ain’t easy people.


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