Modus operandi of a non-soccer fan

Na, I am not big on sports but I definitely am big on events. And FIFA World Cup is an event. So, while I am trying to keep myself up-to-date with the happenings, might as well pick a favorite team and cheer for it, right?

I pick Brazil.

Obvious choice, you say? You think I picked Brazil coz its the defending world champion with number one world ranking? Nope, I picked Brazil because:

– Its manager’s first name is Carlos, and I love the sound of it. Try saying it out loud.
– The team is full of players with symmetrical names…names that begin with R and end with O.
– The team wears yellow, my favorite color. (For the last time, pink is not my favorite color! It is just a pretty color. OK?)
– The first footballer I ever read about (and wrote an essay on) was Pelé, the King of Brazil.
– Brazil is the tropical paradise of pristine beaches, of unexplored and mystical rainforests, of color, and of delectable coffee. (All things found on the interest list of my user info.)
– When you think Brazil, you think football. So why not the other way round?

Therefore, I am staying up tonight to watch the big match!


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