Note for self

When I am blue, I forget about the little things that make me smile, so I lifted the idea from Compulsive Confessor and made a list of warm fuzzies…

Books that grow on me midway; smell of old paper; spilling over bookshelves; spicy noodles; mustard; cheese; oregano; pizza with extra cheese; rain; pitter-patter on the tin roof; sound of water fountains.

The cold sensation when the air conditioner dries up the sweat; warming my toes in front of the room heater; a cold shower on a hot day; a hot shower on a cold day.

Standing in the balcony on the 12th floor and letting the breeze blow through my hair; jazz music at night; listening to 90’s film songs that bring back school-time memories; watching movies on big (really big) screens; sleepovers where you talk until wee hours of the morning; long chatty walks; long quiet walks.

Oversized fluffy bath towels; pink motorazr; hair that look like Maggie noodles; Maggie noodles; surprise gifts; unexpected sweet gestures; welcome hugs; bye-bye hugs; lengthy personal mails with plenty of visual description; the word plenty; a letter amongst bills in the post; taking pictures.

Listening to stories; having do-you-remember conversations; little babies who smile at me; eager little puppies; people who call to tell me that I am missed; bubbly cola; frothy beer.

Gossip that doesn’t hurt; Western movies; superhero comics; fanfare music; Big Chill; Flavors when it is empty-ish; Red Hot Café; sharing a hot chocolate fudge; Ultimate Spiderman; Web comics; pedicures; talking about my favorite television show or movie with a fellow fan; sound of the laughter of a loved one.

New comments on my LJ; romantic comedies; slick action flicks; discussing zodiac signs; long drives; sound of flute; a well made cold coffee; successful romances; happy endings.

Phew. Hard to believe I can ever feel low.

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