<i>Humko Dee-ee wana, Deewana Kar Gaye</i> in Notting Hill

It was a hot summer afternoon and our hero, Raj, could feel his brain go numb. He had been trying to add some punch to the script of his next movie for almost two weeks now. But how much can a lad do when the story is about a handsome boy meeting a pretty girl, falling for her, romancing her, and then getting into trouble with her fiancé. How does one add flavor to a dish that lacks the basic ingredients? Raj was tired of raking his brain and needed a break.

He shut his computer and went to the kitchen to make some lemonade. Ten minutes later, he was seated in front of his plasma television with his all-time favorite DVD in the DVD player.

Raj Kanwar settled down to watch Notting Hill for the nth time!

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye – scene 1

Akshay Kumar bumps into Katreena Kaif and drops cake all over her dress. The polite gentleman then invites her to his apartment, which is just round the corner, to clean herself up.

When Julia Roberts walks down the stares of Hugh Grant’s apartment after cleaning spilled coffee from her dress, he offers her something to drink – juice, soda, apricots.

Akshay Kumar offers juice, cola, and tomato ketchup.

Hugh Grant asks Julia Roberts if she always says no to everything.

Katreena Kaif says “no, she doesn’t.”

Julia Roberts comes back to the apartment to collect her forgotten shopping bags. That’s how Akshay gets to see Katreena one more time.

Notting Hill – scene 2

Julia Roberts is staying overnight at Hugh Grant’s place. His weird roommate chides him for sleeping on the couch when a pretty lass is in the bedroom.

But Akshay is a good man. He shoos his weird roommate away, twice. But the third time…it is Katreena Kaif who has come down to chat.

Hugh Grant apologizes to Roberts for asking her to get lost, he is more than happy to see her there.

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye – scene 3

Akshay is about to drop Katreena in front of her hotel when the two decide to extend the date a bit further. Kaif excuses herself for a moment so that she can freshen up.

When Julia Roberts does not come down for a long time, Grant walks up to her hotel room only to find Roberts with her boyfriend.

Akashay being a nice guy poses as a waiter and Anil Kapoor, the fiancé, is annoyed to see that the waiter is not in his uniform.

Hugh Grant explains the absence of uniform and clears up the remains of last tea and walks out dejected while Julia is too stumped to utter a word.

Notting Hill – scene 4

Julia Roberts is shell shocked to see how Hugh Grant let out her secret to the press for a small amount of money.

Akshay tries to convince Katreena that he did no such thing. But Katreena’s trust is lost.

Julia walks away. Audience wishes someone could tell her that it was not Grant but his weird roommate who got drunk and talked.

So many cute scenes! Raj is a happy-happy man. He has had a productive day.


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