The Tale of Anupma: Being the Story of a Greedy Girl, Some Gadgets, Lots of Amazon Links, and More

Dear Reader,

Something tells me that my charming posts and witty comments weren’t really missed but here, in Sunshine Land, we like to be optimistic. We believe that you frantically checked your friends page every morning, began scrolling even before the page could fully load, in the hope to catch a few enamoring words by yours truly.

Well, your wait has finally come to an end. I shall first begin with the obligatory update of what I have been up to all this while. I know, I know, you have been spending sleepless nights wondering about my disappearance.

So, between my last worthy post and today, I have broken my promise to self – twice. I went ahead and got my greedy self this and then, this. Today, my greedy self is extremely happy and materialistically content. The ban on happiness is officially over!

Besides indulging myself in sleek gizmos, I have also been reading. Amy Tan has a new fan. Her books are found unputdownable by the sunshine girl. Patricia Cornwell is the other lady author whose methodical crime descriptions have me hooked.

And, I have finished watching Carnivale, the weirdest show ever. But by the end of second season, I was totally struck by the weirdo called Management. And Lost is back but I hardly ever reach home by 9pm on Thursday nights to catch the show. I need DVDs of season two. My birthday ain’t till November, but you can be nice and give me an early gift. I won’t complain, promise.

Oh, and since I am talking about every thing possible, I might as well tell you that I loved Omkara to bits. Besides the great points you all have already discussed, I loved the film for its filthy language. Never in my life had I heard so many curses in one day. But, I have not watched KANK, and the entire universe is successfully conspiring to ensure that it stays that way.

About time I shut up. I’ll save up for the next post. Ta.

* Subject line inspired by this.


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