Lame Excuse of a Post: 9 Point Something

Some nice but anonymous person has been querying my absence from the journal, repeatedly. Forced to rake my brain about its inability to let the creative juices flow freely, I am going to try and list down the reasons of my cyber silence.

1. My laptop’s hard disk has been formatted. No data, no drivers, no Internet connection.

2. Number of meetings at work has shot up magically. I am found running in and out of meeting rooms that have impressive names like Zeus, Pegasus, Delphi, and Mensa.

3. I spend all my travel time either trying to improve my score in Brain Academy or helping Mario survive the horrible Koopas. Don’t observe the world outside; therefore have nothing to rant about.

4. My new neighbor considers it his birthright (or jobright, if there is some such thing) to look into my screen and comment on its contents.

5. I have not read much in the past one month. I don’t read, I don’t get ideas; I don’t get ideas, I don’t post. Oh, but I have read a super fantastic graphic novel, incase someone is interested. Get a Life.

6. I have been fooled into giving up caffeine for six months. The fool who cannot ignore challenges walks around like a zombie most of the day. She cannot think; hence, no posts.

7. The only two movies I have watched in the past few weeks are the highly talked about ones. As the whole world is already discussing them, I do not need to talk about them. But you must catch Munnabhai, if for nothing else then for this one chaotic scene in the college cafeteria.

8. The only posts I get to see on my Friends page are those of communities. Why are you all so quiet?

9. I am lazy, beyond explanation.


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