About the wicked favorite

So I am still undecided about whether I like Mary Jane more than Gwen Stacy and I forever keep oscillating between Superman and Batman, but when it comes to my favorite villain, there is no uncertainty.

Overtime I have grown to like the Marvel world better than DC. The characters are less complicated and the adventures are both more intriguing and credible. Plus there is humor. I am not sure if all comic book fans would agree with me on this one, but I often find humor well knit in the stories in the Marvel world. You know, Peter Parker’s wit can give both Clark and Bruce run for their money any day. And who would even think of comparing the X-Men with JLA?!

But I am digressing from the main point, which is my favorite villain. Despite a very obvious bend towards Marvel, my favorite villain (I would say vamp, but then you’d call me sexist) is from DC.

Who cannot love the most spectacular eco-terrorists in the universe? This lady would rather live in a world of plants than interact with human beings, especially the ones in black cape and on batmobile. This sexy woman in green, with plants for jewelry, spends time creating love potions and potent toxins that trap likes of Supes and Batty.

I like this villain because I believe that she does not really hate human beings but what they stand for. She is obsessed with plants and definitely has a soft corner for children. She has displayed strong maternal instincts on several occasions; she is there for the helpless and harmless. Oh, she is a doctor, ain’t she?

She is smart, she is sensuous, and she is fun. Readers are not really sure of her sexual orientation (You don’t really believe that she loves Batman, do you?); therefore, she is mysterious.

Oh, if you are uninitiated and still reading this post, I am talking about


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