Guilty Pleasure – I

I hereby begin a new series of posts in which I will confess my guilty pleasures and then make embarrassed faces. Then, I will expect you to leave a comment telling me that I need not go red as you are way sillier. Next, you will describe your silliness. Thank you very much.

Topic of the Week: Movies

To commence the ritual of making a fool of myself, I pick my favorite subject – movies.

Akshay Kumar: Before you shriek and click away, let me tell you that I was only 15 when I first saw Khiladi. But yes, I adored him. Back in those days, I had already watched all movies that Aamir Khan had appeared in and I found Sanjay Dutt way too old, Anil Kapoor way to boring, Sunny Deol way to angry. In midst of all this, Kumar appeared as a pleasant surprise. He was cute, super active, and funny in a very bizarre manner. But then this man decided to wear his hair long and ask for alms on the roads in movies like Tarazoo, and broke my heart. However, the dude also unbroke my heart when he came back with a big bang in Hera Pheri. He also learnt to act somewhere in between.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun: Four times on the big screen. In one month. I realized my sin when I caught some bits of the movie last week on the telly. However, while I was trying to figure what I found so great in the movie way back in the 90s, I ended up watching it for one-and-a-half hours again. A movie that is about nothing, has no story whatsoever, follows the clichés to the hilt, is based on the most orthodox beliefs, and has actors dressed in the most horrendous fashion; it has still provided me umpteen hours of entertainment. There must have been something that had the whole nation swaying without any solid notes.

Chasing Liberty: It’s a story of the President’s daughter anxious to experience the freedom of regular life and her trip across Europe. It has pretty scenery, funny lines, cutesy romance, delightfully English accent, and Mandy Moore. I know. I know! Mandy Moore is not acceptable. I agree. But I still love the movie to bits. Stark Sands is kind of cute but no, he still cannot negate presence of Moore. There is also a charming parallel storyline of secret agents (One of them is Jeremy Piven, and I am officially a fan.) falling in love on their way to find the first daughter. After repeated viewings, I can see that this is not great cinema but it is a breezy romance set in Europe. I love it.

Kareena Kapoor in Yuva: Anyone who has known me for more than a week knows that I cannot stand Kareena Kapoor. I have often affronted her on my journal too. Nevertheless, I find her irresistibly appealing in Yuva. I like to believe that the credit goes to the director but the fact remains that the look in the movie suited her well and she carried it off in style. The pastel colors, the fresh look, the self-sufficient attitude, all of it really worked well.

Speed: I am ashamed to admit this but the movie remains in my top ten favorites till date. When I first saw it, I was floored; I can claim that I did not watch many Hollywood flicks back then, so the awe was excusable. Despite the fact that over the years I have watched many other superbly done action films, Speed still manages to make me sit on the edge of the seat and thrill me fantastically. As if this was not enough, I also find Keanu Reeves way hotter in Speed than in The Matrix.


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