In the City of Mains and Crosses

Truth be told, it was not love at first sight. Or second. Or fortyfirst. But nevertheless, fun was had.

How did you get there?
It was baby's day out. Umm…baby's three days out, if you are one of those who like being specific. So, this bored friend of mine wihned about having a long weekend and nothing to do. I whined back. And then we remembered that we have always wanted to meet up in Bangalore and explore some places together. Next, we made a couple of calls, wrote a dozen mails, swiped the plastic, and *poof*, I found myself on the 12th main and 4th cross! Not really, but you get the drift, right?

What did you do?
Met friends. There is not much one can do in the city, I reckon, unless one has friends to hang out with. Nice friends of mine took me hopping from Koramangala to Residency Road, MG Road, Brigade Road, St. Clare's Road, Church Street ( I can even draw the map of these five roads!) to Indira Nagar, Russel Market (Do not ask why!) to National Market. The nice ones were hell bent on helping me get the flavor of the city and took me to places that serve authentic filter coffee and vada sambar, fed me tota pari with chatpatta masala, and they shared (but could not finish) the original Death by Chocolate with me. Then there were the pubs, the open air café, and the café in old stone building. They also took me to those delightful secondhand bookshops found in the alleys of Brigade Road; my favorite was Select Bookshop for its yellow walls made of mouldy books and the elderly sweet owner who cheerfully queried me about Darya Ganj book market. Then there was some bowling, some dining, some window shopping at the mall.

Did you shop at all?
Well, Bangalore has bookshops like Landmark and Blossom, what do you expect? Bangalore also has silk stores and sarees are liked by me. Then when I was done shopping at National Market my concerned buddy inquired if I had enough money to get back to Delhi. So, you can say that I shopped a bit. And one has to obviously pick up nick-nacks for people back home, right?

Did you do anything touristy?
No, I did not have enough time to visit the Technology Museum or enough incentive to enter the Cubbon Park. I saw the State Secretariat building and was dutifully impressed. That is about it. Hey hold on just a second…I did make my compulsory pilgrimage though.

Actually, it was a promise and I made almost eight years ago. Back in college, we had decided that we will visit Bangalore and go to Rahul Dravid's house. The years have mellowed us down a bit, so this Tuesday morning, three giggling girls stood outside Dravid's house and clicked pictures with a cellphone camera in not so subtle manner and fled. That is touristy, right?

What did you like the best about the city?
The Sagars. The fact that all local restaurants that serve typical South Indian food have a name suffixed with Sagar is unadulterated fun. Srinidhi Sagar, Shiv Sagar, Asok Sagar, Sandhya Sagar, Shanti Sagar. I visited at least one Sagar on each day of my stay. Super.

So, no regrets, right?
Umm…I never got around to visiting Shiok. I was in Indira Nagar, but not at the right hours.

Oh so you did not eat out much?
Did I say that?

Picture 051.jpgPicture 057.jpgPicture 048.jpgPicture 017.jpgPicture 090.jpg

Spoonful of DeathPicture 016.jpgPicture 019.jpg24-10-06_1035.jpgPicture 083.jpg

Thanks people

, for being a super-duper hostess and not being mad at me for being glued to the PSP while you sat glaring at me.
, for taking me to all those hidden places that I could have never-ever found out without you.
, for the cute gifts, nifty pictures, and introducing me to your mum.
Chandita (the girl with no identity in cyberland), for accompanying us for the pilgrimage and to the DVD heaven.


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