Happiness, Joy, and Felicity

They are blobs and they need guidance. I start with a cute yellow one and then eat up orange fruits and pink bugs to grow in size. I skip atop flowers, slide on rainbows and snowy hills, swing on vines, jump on stars, and sometimes when I have to glide through a narrow tree trunk, I shout and screem and then split into a number of little ones. I am playing LocoRoco, the funnest game ever.

For over a year now, I had believed Katamari Damacy to be the happiest game and had been dying to play it. I got a flavour of it some two months back and I enjoyed it immensely. However, LocoRoco beats it hands down, in my opinion. These little blobs are so cock-a-hoop that you cannot get enough of them. They are not only delightful to look at but also sing lovely songs that grow catchier with every passing level.

If all this fun makes you think that I am talking about some simple game for tiny tots, think again. All the prettiness aside, the game has its own little challenges. For one, it is not a very simple task to collect all 20 blobs and other collectables in each level. Then, there are sleeping friends that I can wake up only if I have the right number of blobs at that moment. Not only that, the lively music will grow loud only if I collect a decent number of blobs. Then there are enemies that make me sit up and curse. I hate them with all my being when they suck up one of my happy-faced friends. In fact, the enemies are almost as hideous as the blobs are endearing. They come in a wide verity just like the environments and make the fun game pretty dark at times by gobbling up my friends. It also breaks my heart everytime I leave one of possible blobs behind.

If you do not own a PSP to play this game, at least have a look at this to get a glimpse of the happy world of LocoRocos and MuiMuis. Rejoice.


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