A Year Older. Again.

As a friend aptly put it, “Birthday is my favorite festival. It came into being with my coming into this world; it is personal and therefore, my favorite.”

This morning as I walked past a bunch of school kids, I saw this little boy distributing candy amongst kids on his bus stop. He offered candy to this seven-eight years old girl and she asked, “Is it your birthday today?” While the little boy nodded in glee, I could see a jealous glint in the girl’s eyes. For a moment I was shocked but then I remembered. I have been there. I have longed for it to be my birthday when I saw my classmate getting all the attention, presents, wishes…the works.

The only thing years have changed is my patience level. I can now easily wait for November to arrive in its due course and then celebrate my birthday. No, you will not see my eyeing a birthday girl enviously in the month of June anymore. Nevertheless, I want it all on my birthday. I want surprises, I want gifts, and I want greetings from unexpected and, of course, the expected. But most of all, I want the day off. Even if it requires me to throw a tantrum in front of the boss! As it is I do not get the big deal that is made when one asks for a day off, in advance. No one died in my absence on Friday. In fact, the company did not even lose any money. Nothing else matters. It was my birthday, I earned the day off by being born.

And so, fun was had and I got myself certain gadgetry presents that I shall not boast about. Lest they will fall in water and die on me. I also got a tale, a castle, a blessing, pinkness, a wish, and a spectacle. And then I got presents. Yay!


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