New Year Randomness

So a shiny brand new year is here and some good things have already happened. For one has returned to LJ. His daily dose of cynical wit was greatly missed by many. And they published my article on Another fun thing that happened early this year was that I got to watch The Prestige. It is a movie that did not get its due worth in India but awed me endlessly. The movie tells the story of two stage-magicians and their obsessive competition with each other. The life-altering events, secrets, and the twists are progressively revealed through the diaries of the two protagonists. Christopher Nolen left me impressed again and now, I want to read the book on which the movie is based.

Talking about movies, I finally watched Lord of the Rings. Laugh at me not and do not take away the Movie Buff title from me! See, I always wanted to read the book and then watch the movies…so I got delayed by a few years. Anyhoo, the movies are super fantastic but of course, you know that. I watched two and a half of them in a row and then my mum asked me when my date with Gollum would end and I had to switch the tele off. Had always liked Strider in the book and adored him in the movies as well. The battle scenes took my breath away…really it was all so magnificent. And the greens, oh the greens! Someone please sponsor my trip to New Zealand. Um…I am still trying to pick my favorite between The Two Towers and Return of the King.

So Lord of the Rings is not the only fat book on my bookshelf; another one is A Suitable Boy – a book I have been reading since mid October. An extremely engaging tale, this book tells. But it is so fat. Yes, the presentation matters a lot. I enjoy reading the book and get glued to it whenever I pick it up. However, I do most of my reading while commuting to work. Now, I cannot lug this book along all the time, can I? So what happens is that I end up either reading graphic novels or arranging multicolored squares on my PSP. Therefore, I maintain that content alone is not enough! You must also get the presentation right.

On the other hand, if the presentation is splendid but the content is missing or loopy, well then you have Dhoom II. Dear lord! How hard they must have worked to create loopholes in the non-existent storyline? And I am not even talking about the Bipasha angle. What about the crazy formula to calculate the next date of robbery? They spent good 7-8 minutes explaining the pattern in the thief’s behavior and then tossed the whole thing out of the window and hopped to the beaches with skimpily clad women.

Oh beaches sound great at the moment! Delhi is freezing and I feel like an icicle when I leave home in the morning. I am wearing two jackets today. No really.

It is time for lunch now. So, New Year Happiness to you all and keep eljaying.


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