Thank You, All

This is a very special day for me and my LJ, as it marks four years of togetherness. I take this chance to thank you all who have made this possible.

# First of all, my family who does not know about the existence of this journal, neither does it care as long as I keep their dark secrets out of it.
# My neighbor's dog, Rusty, as I do not have one of my own.
# My colleagues who do not understand the concept of blogging but constantly supply useless material for the posts.
# My boyfriend who never picks up the phone and therefore, leaves me with no choice but to sit at home and make posts.
# My camera-friendly friends who get an ego boost on seeing their shots on my journal and happily return the favor by leaving multiple frivolous comments on my posts.
# My not-so-camera friendly friends who are equally bored with life and read my posts just so I will read their's in return.
# My out-of-town friends who have helped my social life die a very quick death.
# Movie makers and novelists who provide the source material for 90% of my posts. Also, Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes who help me form a POV that I can pass off as my own.
# The indispensable Google and WordWeb.
# Also my boss, my cab driver, my cube mates, the pervert at the bus stop, my school teachers, the cranky teenager who lives across the road, my gardener, my hairstylist, and her two year old son.

Without you, I would have never reached this milestone.

Sunshine Girl

PS: Special thanks to Miss for the insane speech idea.


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