Movie Babble

Survived another Holi by locking myself indoors. The closest I came to colors this Holi was while watching Eklavya. A movie I enjoyed and wanted to make a post about. I also wanted to write about three other movies I watched this weekend; you know one of my signature posts that are well formatted, have a fancy title, and have paragraph titles underlined? But I have decided against it. I am not in a mood of being organized right now. So I will just babble.

This reminds me I recently saw Babel too. Although I immensely loved the way the four stories seem completely unrelated in the beginning and slowly mesh as the movie progresses, I think the movie is kind of overrated. Maybe I am just biased, which usually happens when I am watching Oscar nominated movies. Brad Pitt’s acting is marvelous though. Another Oscar nomination that I recently watched and tremendously enjoyed was Little Miss Sunshine. The little girl is absolutely wonderful; she is a perfect combination of cuteness, innocence, and oodles of talent. Another character who impressed me was the suicidal uncle. And I loved the scene where the little girl walks up to her brother to comfort him and to make him get up and continue with the journey.

But these are not the movies I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about The Last Kiss, a movie I had not heard of until I googled it after having watched it. It is a Zach Braff movie, and this apparently means a lot to people who have watched Garden State. I have not. So, it is zilch to me. Nevertheless, it is an extremely well made movie. It is a movie that explores relationships. Relationships at different points in life; a live-in couple about to have a baby, a married couple with a small child, an old couple who have been married for 30 years, a couple who just broke up, and a casual dater who has to meet the parents on the third day. Each of these angles is extremely well portrayed regardless of the screen time they get. They are so well done that I ended up in a depression post watching the movie. I hated the character portrayed by Braff from the very first scene and the feeling did not change throughout the film. At the same time, I could see that why he acted the way he did. And that is what depressed me. Well, I was so depressed by the end of the movie that I had to watch a senseless romantic comedy to cheer myself up.

So I watched Wimbledon. Cheered me up, it did. But it is no rom-com. It is a romantic sport movie. I did not laugh out loud anywhere, I did not even giggle. So after watching peculiar Kristin Dunst mouth the name “Peter” for a couple of hours, I had to watch someone prettier. That is when I picked up Scoop – Hugh Jackman and Scarlet Johanson. Eye candy! That too in a Woody Allen film. This is the third Woody Allen film I watched in last two months. Although nothing has come close to Match Point, but this one was a treat too. For one, Allen himself is so endearing in the film. You have to love him. And then the plot is baffling too. Also, I like the movies that require suspension of disbelief. I liked Scoop. I like the way Woody Allen's mind works. Melinda and Melinda is a fine example. The movie is not great but the idea is brilliant.

Well, I began with talking about Eklavya, a vivaciously colorful movie. It is not only colorful but it is also very well made, except for the last 15 minutes. As a friend accurately pointed out, the last few minutes reminded one of “Tord, Shekhar, tord!” moment of Parinita (Yeah, I know the two movies are directed by different people, but still.). You make an excellent film but do not know how to end it! That is okay. Even veterans like Yash Chopra have trouble with the endings. Remember the chase sequence of Kabhi Kabhi?


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