Freddie, the Mafia Dog

So a bunch of people from work went to a farmhouse for a picnic last week. The farmhouse belongs to a colleague and so does the cute pug, Freddie.

Run Freddie RunGothca!

Freddie, unlike most small dogs, was totally undaunted by 50 strangers walking all over his house. In fact, he ran about our feet and came leaping towards anyone who showed slight interest. He ran with us during the three legged race and pounced on anyone who fell; he ran along with people during the soccer game and claimed the ball every now and then. He sat next to us munching his goodies while we ate ours hungrily. Nope, he never begged for food. He ate his own. He also got his ass dipped in the pool. In nutshell, he was friendly and fun.

However, when we got ready to leave, he started barking (for the first time) and created a big ruckus. His mum (or lady of the house, if you will) then informed us that he does not like people leaving. Ya, you can come in but you cannot go out. Meeting Freddie is like being a part of a Bhai’s gang.


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