That ‘70s Movie

For someone who has always been a fan of romantic comedies and who has recently discovered the gem known as Woody Allen, picking up Annie Hall was not surprising. I started watching the movie with very high expectations and guess what? The movie was not what I expected it to be at all. But was still brilliant.

Romantic Comedy with Depth

As a rule, romcoms are frothy. Annie Hall is not. It’s a simple story of two extremely complicated characters that makes you laugh and ponder at the same time. The scenes that are both realistic and goofy give you an insight into human relationships in a very happy manner.

Zany Characters

It’s a story of a nervous Alvy who grew up in a house right under a rollercoaster ride. He is quirky, obsessed with death, super imaginative, and does not watch movies if he misses even the first two minutes of the credits. *grin* The fact that he has been in many relationships and two marriages and fifteen year long therapy makes him all the more intriguing. Having spent his childhood bumping the bumper cars his father operated, he does not drive. And he is in love with the pretty Annie Hall.

Annie Hall is zanier than her boyfriend. When she first meets the guy, she yaps. She yaps while she is dressed in a check-full sleeved shirt, a tie, and a jacket. It is the ‘70s after all. She is ditzy, an awful driver, an eccentric dresser, always high on grass before making love, but intelligent and complicated enough to match Alvy. Plus she is a free thinker, which is something if one remembers the time when the movie got made.

Simple Story

It’s about their relationship – of coming together and drifting apart. And talking; they talk a lot. They talk while walking on the beach, they talk while standing in the queue for documentary tickets, they talk in therapy, they talk in the kitchen, they talk in the bedroom, they talk and it is wonderful.

Cool Style of Movie Making

I don’t have data to back my point but I do not think there were many movies being made back in 1977 where they had an animated scene thrown in! Neither have I seen the main characters walk into the scenes from their past life, along with their friends, and talk to their younger self and those who surrounded their younger self. What’s more, sometimes the main characters even talked to me; Or to the subject of their discussion. It is cool. It is very-very cool. Or as they would say in the ‘70s – sweet.


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