Some Anecdotes and a Meme

~The first time I heard/read the word “date,” I thought they were talking about the fruit. They, by the way, were “Betty and Veronica”. Besides them, the six friends of “Friends” have also educated me on various subjects. I have learnt more about Europe from the mushy books set in the breathtaking backdrop and from cheesy movies like “Euro Trip” than from my Geography books. Well, no wonder my knowledge is twisted but the fact of the matter is that I have grown up on pop culture.

~I was in college when I first wanted to read “Message in a Bottle.” Being an amorous girl, I was struck by the mysterious romance and undying love. I never got around to reading the book until this April. I think it was too late. While the book is definitely better than the movie and it can be given three stars as far as books go, I wish I had read it earlier. The protagonist is a guy that every girl dreams of; he is handsome, charming, caring, understanding, and loves forever. But I found him clingy. While he said things that are supposed to be romantic and should have the female readers gasping for breath, I was thinking, “Give the poor woman some space, man!”

~So I am a girl in her twenties (yeah, I am still in 20s.) living in Delhi, which means that I get to go to many marriages and related functions of fellow Delhi-ites. I am beginning to enjoy these functions lately. See, I get to dress up pretty in attire that I won’t be caught dead in otherwise and then eat lots of spicy snacks. I also get to watch young teenagers dance on the latest Hindi movie songs and let me tell you, they put up a performance that would shame Saroj Khan’s latest assistant! Then there are also middle-aged uncles who put all of us to shame by stepping on the dance floor. Fun! In return, all I have to do is stand next to the couple and get a picture taken.

~Nothing can put you off reading like a bad book! Despite it being my favorite show, “Sex and the City,” – the book – has been a tedious experience for me. First, it is boring. Second, it is called “Sex and the City” and I read while traveling. This is fine as long as I am in office conveyance. But the other day, the office bus conked two kilometers before my house. I hopped on to a DTC bus to save time and conveniently sat myself next to a snoozing aunty. The look I got from her when she woke up and from the letch standing next to my seat were both unique in their own right. Bad anupma!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a meme.

Or pockets! Tell me, what is in your favorite bag that you carry with you everyday? Be nice and describe the bag too. If you do not carry a bag, turnout your pockets but skip the description, please.

I carry a black bagg’it bag with blue and white stripes on the flap. It is very spacious and for a reason.

A black wallet. A green floral coin bag. A brown leather card holder. My non-pink Motorazr. “The Waste Lands” by Stephen King. Blue sunglasses. Red-framed specs. Pens. Keys. Creative Zen MP3 player. Girl stuff (comb, lip gloss, face wash, deo etc.)

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