Darkly Dreaming Dexter

– What is an honest cop supposed to do when he discovers that his teenaged foster son has an uncontrollable urge to kill?
– What is a forensic blood spatter expert supposed to do when he cannot feel anything – no emotions, no pleasure, no sadness?
– What is a police department supposed to do when a serial killer drains blood out of women, cuts them into neat equal pieces, and leaves them at a public place – gift wrapped – for the police to find?

A crime thriller show based on Jeff Lindsay’s novels. In 12 crisp, fast-paced, and brilliantly edited episodes, you find out all this and see the mystery build up and then get solved. The mystery of blood-draining, body parts-cutting killer is very neatly meshed with other smaller cases that get solved in an episode and family/relationship drama that moves hand-in-hand with the main storyline. In the 12th episode, everything falls into place but I see a scope for season 2.

The protaganist, Dexter Morgan, is played by Michael C Hall who grows on you with every episode. Jennefir Carpenter plays his feisty sister and a cop who struggles to make Dexter open up to her. Besides an interesting concept and tight script, the show has a fantastic background score and a super fantastic visuals during credits! I sat facinated, during all 12 episodes, as the credits rolled past. Addiction. Now that I am done watching it, I miss it.


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