The dreaded has happened.

The fear has been lurking in some hidden corner of my mind for the past two-and-a-half years. It raised its ugly head every couple of months and nagged me for a few days before fading away, to return again.

They have finally gone ahead and blocked LJ at work.

I know many of you are going to say that it is alright. One is not supposed to blog at work anyways etc. If you want to lecture me on this, please refrain from commenting. Thank you very much.

I do not see the harm of blogging at work. And if you see my archives you will know that I do not make seven posts a day or something. I write seldom; averaging at four times in a month. Nevertheless, it is a Web site that allows me to relax after a particularly nasty meeting or a boring training or on a lazy day. Not once in the five years of blogging have I found myself writing a post while some important work sat waiting in my inbox. Sigh.

80% of Web sites, including wikipedia, cannot be viewed now. Great! Oh and did I tell you that one of my major job responsibility is research?


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