Life Update

Last one month has passed like a whirlwind. When the wind settled, I found myself in Hyderabad and there was this other person, awesome though he is, but he was there right beside me. In addition, I found myself carrying the extra weight of very pretty red bangles that always stay on my wrists.

So my love for Hyderabad is no secret. I have made at least five posts about the city in last couple of years. But loving a city is one thing and living in it, another. I am adjusting to the city where there are 143 movie halls but one never finds tickets for a show. Frequent rains help in getting the city more and more brownie points from me. Though it is the distance between work and home that is the biggest plus. It is only 3 km. Did you hear that? Three bloody kilometers! From 38 to 3! Fantastic, I’d say.

The whirlwind also took me places. From hills of Jammu to the islands of Phuket, via the beautiful George Town and some other cities, on a sailing ship. Err…no the ship did not start sailing from the hills of Jammu but we do not want to get into those details right now, right?

Traveling implies that I have been eating a lot too, of course. Tried many interesting dishes but also ate a lot of Indian food just so I could avoid eating beef, but that is material for another post. Oriental seafood is something I do not swear by but delectable Thai food in a local restaurant in a village built in the ocean is another story. More food stories coming up soon.

Well, so now that I am in Hyderabad and not getting to watch any movies, what have I been up to? Playing games, of course. Having married the gamer, mild mannered or not, games become an essential part of life. Now, when I am not playing Gears of War (I suck at it, though), Elite Agents, or Wii Sports, I am found with my head bent over a Windows mobile phone. Checking mail on the little device is so much fun, inconvenient yes, but still fun. Also, the joy of seeing the coffee shop you are sitting in on google maps is humongous. Right, I have a pretty meaningless life but what the heck, I love it!


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