A book, a movie, and a video game

The book

I have no idea what took me so long to pick up “Neverwhere.” Have had an e-version of the book sitting pretty in my mailbox for over a year now. But I love reading the old fashioned way; just the way I like shopping the old fashioned way. My reading material must come with a faint papery smell. Coming back to the point, I am on page 66 of the book and am already sure that I love it. This urban fantasy is set in both London and London below; you know, like Wonderland where Alice roamed? Its witty, its curious, its inventive, and all things Neil Gaiman.

The movie

Again, I have no idea why I have not heard people swearing by “The Iron Giant” every time I uttered the words – animation movies. The most endearing film I have seen in a very long time tells the tale of a little boy with a big name, Hogarth Hughes. Hogarth has a chance meeting with a massive giant, who probably is an alien, but is extremely gentle and peace-loving. But since he is a giant and eats iron, it is kind of tough for Hogarth to keep him a secret. Be it animation or emotions, the movie is so well done that I prefer it over both “The Incredibles” and “E.T,” although both these happen to be my super favorites. I sat on the floor, my eyes glued to the screen, a single tear running down my face, and my heart tearing up for the friendly iron man-type thing. T’was brilliant.

The video game

I started playing the game “Elite Beat Agents” because it was there. However, it took the Elite Agents under three minutes to have me hooked. EBA is a rhythm game, where you listen to the beats of rock numbers and use the stylus of the DS to do stuff at the right moment. Sounds simple? Think again. Or rather, pick up the game and find out for yourself. The story of the game is presented in the comic book style, which only makes it much more fun. So there are different unrelated characters that are in trouble, and the Elite Agents come to get them out of the crisis. The success of this mission depends on you and your hand-eye-ear coordination. The game includes tracks like Chicago’s “You're the Inspiration” and The Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin' Jack Flash.” Fun fun fun!


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