Of hotness in forties

This has been the week of hot forty-plus women. Saw Aaja Nach Le, which is half decent a flick. The story was not as great as one expects from Jaideep Sahni and the rest of the stuff was mediocre too. However, full marks for the choreography and a respectable show put up by all actors. Additional brownie points for trying to be progressive and showing a protagonist who is happily single. But coming to the main point, the movie scores because Madhuri Dixit is Hot! As the gamer put it, “she is not hot for a woman in her 40’s, she is just hot. Period.”

Yesterday, I finally sat down to watch Stardust, adaptation of my favorite fantasy book ever! The story has it all: fairies and witches, stars and unicorns, kings and princesses, romance and drama, action and tragedy. And then it has pirates. What more can you ask for? Really. So while I concur with mostly about the movie faltering on certain points but still being fun, I have to say again – full marks to the movie for showing such a hot witch. Michelle Pfeiffer looks super in the film. She looks grand at forty-nine!


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