Chronicles of a Married Girl – January Update

It is official. I can cook now. I can cook a decent Indian meal, serve innovative breakfasts and evening snacks, bake a cake, and make paranthas and spicey chutneys. Of course, there is a definite need of honing my skills further but it is safe to say that if you come over to my place unannounced and with an empty belly, you will not be disappointed.

Grocery shopping, as [info]suku correctly pointed out, still remains an adventure. The modern day marts have definitely made our lives simpler by providing everything under one roof but at the same time, they successfully lure the inexperienced ones like me towards grossly expensive and unneeded commodities. It has been noted that whenever I am allowed to go shopping without any surveillance I end up spending approximately rupees 500 as opposed to a safe 200, which is the bill when I go with an experienced homemaker. Food World, I can see through your cunning now.

 Another constant vexation is the housecleaning lady. I spent the last three months building rapport with her. She would stand by the kitchen sink, talking at the speed of an express train; I would pay attention to each word, holding on to any word that would make any remote sense. A couple of Hindi words, some common word from English, or a random Telugu word that I could understand – anything at all to give me an idea about the subject that she so passionately discussed every morning. Slowly, we began to evolve a language of our own, some words from different languages that we both knew that the other understood, lots of signs and gestures. Deep inside, I was glowing with pride until the day she decided to use our evolved language to convey that she was off to her village. For good. She shook my hand and said ‘bye,’ leaving me behind to hunt for another person to work with on evolving a new language.

At times like these, I thank God for the experienced homemaker I have around. Without her, I would have been a lost soul wondering in the JJ colony, knocking doors and asking random women if they wanted a job.

Oh and my red bangles are still around. It is now close to four months that I have had 40 of those on each wrist, 24×7, and it almost seems like the Goddess of ethnic fashion is taking revenge on me for being a devotee of her competitor, the Goddess of contemporary fashion.

With that, dear Internet, I sign off for this month. See you around.


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