Did I mention that I am in love with the winter of Hyderabad?

The non-existent winter of Hyderabad is my favorite kind of winter. Despite the fact that like any other chick, I too love long sleeved-pullovers, smart jackets, and fancy coats, I do not miss the chill much. The weather of this city has been good to me so far; I have hardly taken out my think jacket in the past two months. Nice.

 Yesterday was one such lovely and warm day. Only, it was also Lohri – a day that is supposed to be very chilly!

Lohri is a very popular Punjabi festival that involves lighting a bonfire, offering the fire some munchies, such as peanuts, popcorns, and revri, and having some too. Celebrated on January 13th, the day usually signifies setting of winters. In the northern part of the country, this day is usually very-very cold. However, down south, it has a different meaning. Here, the festival is called Sakranti and it signifies offset of harvesting season. Caught between the odd weather and a new culture, I decided to experience the flavors of both festivals.

The most fun part of Sakranti is flying kites! During this week, one sees the sky dotted with kites almost all of the waking hours. I went to see the best kites at the best spot of Hyderabad. Necklace Road, by the Hussain Sagar lake.

Pretty red kite flown by a professional. It looked lovely floating and fluttering in the clear sky.


A colorful affair of a kite!


My favorite – the monster kite. =)

And colorful balloons that I could not help but click.


Then I came home and made a small bonfire of my own.


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