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There are times when you write down something but do not get around to posting it for various reasons, yes? I found one such old post that I had written on the 27th day of February in the year 2006. Things have changed but this is one thing I still feel very strongly about – hence posting now.

Are we secretly at war?

There is no doubt that the world is divided in two halves, married people and singles. Time and again, I am forced to think if the married people of the world have united against the singles. Not a day passes without someone mentioning the M word to me. The whole world (alright the married half, at least) thinks I should get married. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against marriage. In fact, I want to get married sometime. But the point is, why is my single status such a big deal to the people around me?

Is it my potential freedom that scares them?
Do they think all single women are out to get the married men?
Do they resent their status and want others to burn in the same hell?
Or maybe, they are the kind souls who are rolling in marital bliss and want the whole world to experience the joy, is it?
What is it?

I am perplexed by everyones interest in my marital status. I talk of a vacation in Goa, and they tell me I should get married. I talk about a job shift, and they suggest marriage. I mention a boring weekend, and they swear life can be turned into a fun ride if I just get married. It scares me, it irritates me, and it bugs me to no end.


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