The Evil of Video Games: Revisited

I play video games but I am not addicted. Therefore, I like to believe that my opinion on the subject is comparatively unbiased and should be respected. That established, let us get down to the point.

Avid gamers often defend video games against the allegations that they promote violence and make kids aggressive. I am not even going to touch upon the subject; not because I do not have an opinion but because a lot has already been said and I am sure my opinion has been covered by one of the passionate gamers, already. However, I will tell you how video games have opened other areas of interest for me.

Back in school, I used to have a huge poster of Steffi Graf in my room. Not because I was into tennis but because it was cool to have posters of a sports person in your room. I tried hard to sit through a game of lawn tennis but even the then-heartthrob Agassi failed to hold my interest. I never figured out what the terms like duce and love all meant.

During the college days, some of my friends talked about hip-hop. A lot. I tried giving it a shot but dropped the idea like a hot potato after the very first try. Never again did I pay attention to anything remotely hip-hop.

I started playing Wii-Sports sometime in October last year. Today, I understand all the rules of lawn tennis. Not just that, I am also looking forward to the Wimbledon. Similarly, playing a few rounds of Def Jam Icon has made me interested in hip-hop all of a sudden. I am still not a fan, but I am more aware and definitely more interested. I think Sean Paul is not half-bad. And there are at least two tracks by Method Man that can get my foot tapping. Nice.


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