Chronicles of a Married Girl – February Update

The only thing I've ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several small fires.

Not any more.

When I first heard this couple of years ago, I totally identified with Carrie Bradshaw. In early January, I could confidently say that I do not make fires anymore! Today, I am a maker of mean grub, yes. Ladies and gentlemen, today is not only the day when you congratulate the Coen brothers and the dainty Marion chick, but you also congratulate the sunshine girl for having upgraded to a level B cook. I have my basics pretty straight now.

So early February saw me back in my hometown, the extra chilly Delhi. I was there to get some paperwork done and one of the major tasks was to get the marriage registered. I am telling you, people, if you think that the wedding ceremony is a toughie, think again! The one day registration process made the entire series wedding preparations, which lasted nine months in my case, seem easy-peasy. For beginners, the Delhi government ensures that the registration offices are located at the farthest and the most unheard of villages near Delhi. Yes, a village. Not in Delhi. Second, they want us to bring a ton of papers; I get the birth, address, marriage proofs, I really do. But what is the point of getting my name, address, and birth date typed on a stamp paper and getting it signed by an unknown lawyer-type-person sitting on a bench outside an RTO? The whole process has at least four points where people can rub their hands and ask for some bribe. Yes, even the guy who checks the papers for accuracy. He actually told me that I should not pay attention to anything their official web site says because it is all fucked up and he does not give a damn about it. On a side note, this very gentleman man carries his desktop home with him. Yes, when he walks in to his office in the morning, a chap follows him with a CPU and a monitor. Bloody hell.

 Enough ranting.

You know what is great about being married to a geek? The endless sources of entertainment available to you right inside your house. I am spoilt for choice these days. So many movies to watch, so many books to read, so many graphic novels to read, so many games to play on so many (he won’t agree though) different consoles, that I waste at least one hour every day wondering what I should do next!


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