Some days are bad and then some are Super Bad.

I am having the latter. It began when I got into one argument after another, thrice. All this on my way to work; I had a very important customer presentation today. On reaching office, I decided to clear all that had happened from my mind along with clearing any creases that might have appeared on my attire. Once inside, I heard a strange rattling sound accompanying the clicks of my heels. I rushed to the washroom to investigate and what do we have! Pebbles inside the suddenly punctured heel of my shoe! Yes, ladies and gents, pebbles. Inside my shoe. How did they come there? When did the heel get punctured? I have absolutely no answers to these questions. All I can say is that it all happened after I left home. Sigh.

Now, I am sitting in the presentation room, which is huge and very quiet. Every time I walk on the carpeted floor, I hear the rattle. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is?! And what it does to my self confidence when I speak in front of 10 suits?

And now I have an unplanned call in the evening and so, I am not getting home before 9 pm.


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