We like Frivolous Anniversaries and Freaky Movies

AKA Chronicles of a Married Girl – March Update

Last Friday, I managed to make fittingly cute faces to convince the husband, a slightly freaked-out husband, to take me out for dinner to celebrate our six-month anniversary. I know it is a little lame, but the evening turned out to be lovely.

Well, it did not start that way though. We had some transport problems to begin with. At a point, we did consider going back home and eating Ramen noodles for dinner. But I was dressed up, which is not usual, so we showed some more patience and finally managed to get to a fantastic lake-side restaurant called “Water Front.” By the Hussain Sagar lake, this is a lovely place that serves Chinese and Thai. I sat facing the lake, looking at the shiny city lights at a distance, feeling the cool breeze in my hair, and sipping my mojito. This was followed by some very fine Thai food, which also helped the husband relax and be happy that we were out there.

Now that I have shown you a happy photo of us, we shall talk about the freaky movies. We like to call them mind-fu*king movies. After this peaceful dinner on Friday, we met up with this friend who has a huge collection. Of everything. Comics, books, movies, music, original art. Okay, who am I kidding? We met up with [info]beatzo. And together we all watched one freaky movie after another. For two days in a row. I am listing them below as per their level of freakiness, IMO.

        Dumplings: A short Chinese film about the length we human beings can go for our vanity. It is a story of a middle-aged woman who wants to win her husband back at any cost. This film has no ghosts or spirits but just normal people like you and I, and that is what I found most scary.

         Imprint: Well, this is not a movie but an episode of the show Masters of Horror. It is so convoluted that I hated it initially. Disgust was the first emotion I felt but soon I realized how horrific the whole thing was. Another one that makes you realize that the biggest beast is the human mind.

         Cigarette Burns: Another standalone episode of Masters of Horror that made me realize how much we trust our movie makers when we walk in to see a film. We trust them to know the length to which they will go in order to make their audience feel a certain way. But what happens if someone we trust is not worthy of it?

         Dead End: An American film made by two French men. Just because I have it last does not mean it is not scary. It is damn freaky, peeps. It stayed in mind all of that night and the next day. And I was not happy to go home before the husband had returned from work. The movie is about a family out on a road trip. Yes, it has a woman in all white and she is most obviously a ghost. However, Dead End is not your standard horror flick. For one, it is neatly crafted. Two, it has logic. It does not leave you in a limbo, raking your brains about what really happened. And it still manages to terrify you. Awesome, I say.

While watching these movies, we also talked about certain other films and two movies that stayed in my mind were Funny Games and Irreversible. Curiosity got the better of me and I YouTubed them on Monday. Dude, I am not watching those anytime in near future. It took five non-stop episodes of How I Met Your Mother to take those images out of my head.

Coming weekend, I promise to be a good girl.


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