Why I hate the news channels

It is the third day in a row. I come back from work and see my family glued to television watching – not some spicy family drama – but the news. This news, by the way, is in no way less than the racy family drama that I just mentioned.  Let me give you the facts:

Monday – Breaking news about how a Bangalore-based Infosys employee killed his wife under the suspicion of cheating and then hung himself. The channels did not just simply state this news but showed the file pictures in a loop, dramatized the whole incident with tidbits about other such cases, and of course, invited a marriage counselor to discuss relationships and trust issues.

Tuesday – Breaking news about a Delhi-based encounter specialist being murdered  by a friend. Okay, I will give it to you that this is proper news. But repeating the same information in different ways, in different tones, with the same photos? No, that is not journalism. That is sensational television.

Wednesday – Breaking news about a two-and-a-half years old girl having fallen in a 48 feet hole. Channels are giving the privileged us live coverage of this story. For the past 30 minutes, I have been seeing a file picture of little Vandana and listening to a child expert tell us how city children are not as strong and brave as the village kids. All of this along with heart-rendering quotes that we hear in different tones and pitches.

Sorry, Ekta Kapoor. I think you finally have competition.


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