The compulsive blogger in me has to make a post, so here I am.

This is my fourth attempt to make a post since last evening. The first time, I started to write about “The Benefits of Dating a Geek,” but my thoughts trailed and I found myself writing about a videogame I am playing. Ctrl + A, Delete.

Second time around, I started to write about how having no friends at work makes me spend most of my time in front of the workstation. But then I found myself writing about how I play the videogame sitting at my desk, shoulders arched, head bent, volume muted. Ctrl + A, Delete.

Then I began listing things (besides work) that I do while I am in my cubical. And when I reached the list item gaming, I found myself detailing its awesomeness. Ctrl + A, Delete.

I have a feeling I want to talk about The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. You reckon?

So because I cannot help myself, I will write about my awesome gaming experience. But because you may not be interested in reading it, I will put it behind a cut.

I was watching a trailer of a videogame that reminded me of Ghibli movies. When I mentioned this to the gamer, he said that the game he is playing these days also reminds him of Ghibli films. Interest piqued and I picked up the Nintendo DS out of plain curiosity. Twenty minutes into the game, I knew I wanted to play this game. I usually like to play games that can be played in small spurts. You know, pick it up for ten minutes during your travel, while waiting in a queue etc. This, however, is an elaborate game.

The art and the visuals are amazing. I like cuteness and Phantom Hourglass gives it to me in truck loads. I like solving puzzles, I get to do that. I like killing ugly things, and the boss fights in this game are simply splendid. I like mysterious stories, and well, I get that too. Of course, I know that in the end I am going to save the princess but discovering little islands, treasure, solving mazes in the temples…joy.

The game allows me to travel both on the land and in the ocean. So, I have a ship and an idiot pirate friend, an amnesiac but loyal fairy friend, a boomerang (what fun!), lots of gems (haven’t figured what to do with them yet), portable bombs, a sword (duh), and I keep finding more loot all the time. The finest part of the game is that it allows me to use the DS to its best. I use the stiles at all times, tap tap tap. I also blow into the microphone to blow out the candles and clean dusty maps. I shout into the microphone to get a good deal on my ship parts. In fact, the game has some such DS-specific twists that I was left baffled and had to search the walkthrough online to figure how to go about it.

Another great thing is that whenever I find some new tool, item, or equipment, the game makes sure that I have to and get to make a lot of use of it. Keeps me engaged at all times. At one point, I got to wondering if the game is too simple for an experienced gamer but then I saw that the gamer guy enjoy the game equally. In fact, I am not sure he is happy about me hijacking the DS one fine day and carrying it in my tote at all times.


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