The Fabulous Post

This weekend was a weekend of many movies. I started with the directorial debut Hindi film, followed by a French, a Japanese, and a Chinese movie. Surprises of surprises – “U, Me, Aur Hum” was not the worst of the lot.

It was pretty bad though. I can see that Ajay Devgan was passionate about the subject of the movie, maybe that is the reason he wanted to show every small idea in detail. The scenes dragged on and on. The first half is frivolous fun – songs and dance, bright colors, silly jokes et al. It is in the second half of the film when the real story begins and mind you, the story is not half bad and is backed up by usual excellent performance by Mrs. Devgan. However, the story that could have been told in 1.5 hours drags for almost three. So there. Two and a half stars.

Next, I saw a French film called “A Very Long Engagement,” starring Audrey Tautou. It is a gorgeous movie – the cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful. It tells a story of a girl whose young fiance is missing in World War I. She believes him to be alive and starts investigating despite her very few means. In the process she uncovers the mystery surrounding the lives and deaths of her fiance and four other soldiers who were court marshaled along with him. Despite the gloomy subject, the movie is  upbeat and has a very good feel to it. If nothing else, watch it for the endearing little house in the French countryside where Audrey stays! Three and a half stars.

Then I saw movie that beat Ajay Devgan's attempt hands down! It was a Japanese movie, “Neighbor No. 13.” I was told that the movie combines  the essence of “Fight Club” and “Old Boy.” Of course that got me interested. Much disappointment followed. The director – did not bother to look up his name – picks up the split personality from the first film and vengeance from the latter. Mixes it up, badly and serves it in a cracked plate. There are meaningless lengthy shots, unexplained motives of the characters, and a lot of weirdness. Stay away. Far away. Half star.

Last but most definitely the best, I saw “CJ7.” A Stephen Chow flick, which reminded me how much I had enjoyed his previous movie a couple of years back. This one is a movie for children and for all with a happy child in their hearts. It has great actors, fun story, many emotions, and a lot of references thrown in. It pays homage to E.T and many other films. It is a tale of a small kid from a poor family whose father labors to send him to a good school but cannot provide much else. Cute, very funny, and well made. A must watch. Five stars and two thumbs up.

PS: Chinese kids are so adorable!

PPS: Does the subject of the post confuse you? Well, this post maybe my usual rattle about movies but it is fab because it is the first ever post being made from my Super Shiny MacBook. Joy.


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