Truth is…

I am Iron Man.

Ah, could not resist the most over-used statement of this week. But hey, I am not going to write about how much I dug this movie. Just watch it, if you haven’t already.

Truth is that I am sinking in to the Zelda universe at the speed of light. What started as a quick round of gaming to kill some time on a boring evening is quickly turning into an obsession. After I finished Phantom Hourglass, I spent hours browsing the Internet reading up on it, looking at fan art etcetera. But this was not enough and I had to play more of Zelda! I coaxed the gamer to finish the game just so I could look over his shoulder while he was engaged in those fantastic boss fights. But it became increasingly difficult for me to shut my trap and let him figure out what to do next in the game, and so I finally picked up another Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!

Although this one is on Wii, which means I have to stay at one place to play it and have to go through the hassle of changing the wires (too many consoles are also a headache) every time I sit down to play. Also, I cannot play it if there are people at home who want to watch television, but still, I think picking up this game has been my best-est decision in last one week! The game rocks so hard that my house’s ceiling is cracking up.

I have just begun to play it and since this is the first hardcore game on a console that has got me so interested, (DOA, Wii Sports, Virtual Fighters are all games that one plays in short spurts!) I am thinking of maintaining a regular journal about my progress in it.

So I have just begun. After struggling for hours to catch a fish to lure the cat back to his home so that the silly shop owner would sell me a slingshot, I managed to complete my errands around the village. Until this point, I was enjoying the game but was not really hooked to it. Once I got my hands on a couple of weapons (even if they are both wooden!), the actual fun began. As I galloped on Zoe (yes, I renamed Epola) towards the forest to catch the naughty kid and the naughty monkey, I found myself not looking at the map often enough, something which I do automatically on the DS. But what I found most different from the DS experience was the dungeon. On a big screen, with proper sound effects, it can actually get scary. While playing on the handhelds, it is hard to get so much into the game that a sudden movement in the darkness actually scares you. This effect, however, can be easily achieved on a console.

I have reached the point where I turn into a wolf – another thing that took me by great surprise. It is at times like these when ignorance can actually be bliss. Any gamer worth their while would know about the gimmick of the game but not me. Nonetheless, it worked for my benefit as I found it difficult to get it out of my head even when I went to the bed.

Oh by the way, I am yet to see Zelda. The chick never did show up in the last game I played.

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