In search of a home, away from home

I am now in a huge shopping mall of a city, where people do not believe in laughing much. Yes, I am not kidding you. I have been here four days and I have not seen a single person on the road smiling. That has to be odd, right? I mean you have bags full of goodies from Prada and Gucci in your hands, did that purchase not make you happy at all?

Singapore – a city I had fallen in love with instantly when I came here on a short trip last year. It is amazingly clean, there is rain all the time, has disciplined  traffic, is extremely fashionable and super cosmopolitan, also has a beach! But this time it was different. Let me begin from the beginning.

So I toppled and slept in the flight after a drink of Bailey's Irish Cream and when I woke up the hostess was already collecting stuff and readying us for the landing, so far so good. After landing, like a couple of headless chickens, we hurried to the currency conversion counter and got a pre-paid card for the phone — folks to be called up immediately as per orders. By the time we made our way to the conveyer belt to collect our luggage, everyone else had already cleared up. So we picked our suitcases and headed out. The apartment turned out to be a good twenty – thirty minutes drive from the airport. We checked in and I jumped around in glee on seeing the luxuries that welcomed me for the next one month. I knew I would ultimately find something to worry about even in this duration but right now, I was happy. The bubble lasted exactly thirty-seconds and then our luggage came up. Only one of the suitcases was not ours. I freaked. The husband freaked. Called up the airlines and headed back to the airport. After a good ten minutes of “what next?” we bumped into the party who had picked up our luggage by mistake. Exactly similar suitcases, what are the chances? Pretty high, considering this has happened to me once before as well.

Since then I have been roaming the streets in awe of ultra slim girls with flawless skin who never show a hint of a smile. I like what I see but I have a strong feeling that there is a lot still hidden from me. This city is definitely not as embracing as the last one was, but I am hoping I will warm up to it somehow. After all, it does drizzle all the time here and there is this fantastic pool in the apatements. I should go out buy myself a swimsuit now. I promise to keep you posted about my explorations and adventures with food.

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