A lemon iced tea, please

It was an abnormally hot and sultry afternoon and I had been walking around for approximately four hours in a crowded convention hall. When I finally got out and ascended into a mall, (where else!) my throat was, as English would say, parched. So I stopped at the nearest snack stall and checked the menu. Feeling extremely hot and not very adventurous, I opted for good old lemon iced tea. I sat down on a high-stool and was waiting for my drink when I saw it being prepared. In this fashion.

The man took some condensed milk and mixed it in brewed red tea, which was piping hot. He then poured it from a glass held high into another glass a few times, and finally into a glass full of ice. He capped the glass, stuck a straw in it, and served it to me.

Some online research shows that this drink is called Teh Tarik, which is all very good but where is my iced tea? Even McDonalds serves this milky thing in the name of iced tea.

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