Comics, as it has been discussed on this journal before, is a fantastic storytelling medium and those who (still) believe that comics are for kids should not even be lurking around this place. Alternatively, maybe they should gift their kid a copy of Sandman.

Being recently exposed to a huge variety of comics in mammoth comic book sections of enormous bookstores, I have been trying to get a taste of all kinds. That is how I came across Re-gifters.

It is a story of a young Korean-American schoolgirl, who like her family struggles to keep her Korean traditions in tact as she tries to make a success of her life in LA. This in itself is not path breaking, I know. Because what stopped my heartbeat was the presentation. The writer, Mike Carey, introduces the plot in the first three panels and then builds characters from there. He tells a tale in each short chapter with the most wicked titles and then moves the story forward with those. He maintains a dignified limit of pop culture references and pays special attention to building character of each one introduced.

The protagonist is cute as a button. She is extremely likable but realistic girl, who behaves like most teenagers only not. Her two adorable (to the reader, she thinks them nasty) brothers and her stick-through-everything friend are very cool as well. Not to mention her alarm clock that goes ‘Wake up and Kill Bill!’

The art, by Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel, is the kind I dig – no mess, clean, complete, detailed, and cute. Some full page panels are so much fun that I not only found myself coming back to them to check out what happened in the background but also googling them to make user icons.

It is an easy read that every comic lover should pick up. No, it is not a Watchman or a Fables but it is something. Something very good.

Oh yes and my copy is personally signed by Sonny Liew. He also drew me a super quick but delightful cartoon.


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