The Day…

Before I opened my eyes in the morning, I took a moment to decide whether it will be a happy morning or otherwise. I could hear the cool breeze and the rhythmic flutter of the curtain against the open window. It was surely going to rain but I need not worry, I do not have to go to office today. Happiness index rises.

I do not have to be at work because I am down with chicken pox. Happiness index dips rapidly by three points. But I can sleep in. Index rises one point. I turn over and sleep some more.

Around 9:30 am, I decide to have a bath. Bathing is not easy when you have the pox. You have to be careful not to touch those boils at the wrong place, but you still have to gently scrub the lotion from last night away. It takes long to take a bath.

Eat a lot of delicious food and make it healthy too are the instructions from the mothers. Who wants to cook delicious food for oneself? Not I. I usually eat three square meals. Dinner is the healthiest because husband is around to monitor it.

I work from home. Sit on the drawing room couch, my laptop placed on my lap, looking out at the greens of woodlands from my window every now and then. The rain comes often. It plitter-platters for a few minutes and then the sun shines again.

I sometimes read my book or take a short nap. And I wait. I wait for the pox to disappear. I wait for the husband to come home. I wait for the rain to come again.


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