Eating Chinese without Manchurian

Despite Chinese being (one of?) the most popular cuisines world wide, an average Chinese cannot eat well outside his/her country.

I have come to understand that every country has its own version of Chinese food. India does, I know for a fact. English and Americans have also customized Chinese food, I learned from books and friends. So much so, that Little India in Singapore has restaurants that claim to serve “Indian Chinese Food.” Very amusing that Chinese have never heard of most of the dishes that are passed off as Chinese food at my favorite Chinese restaurant back home.

I am very proud of the fact that I can actually eat and enjoy proper Chinese food now. The first couple of times were not very easy. The smell put me off but it was usually an eat-this-or-go-hungry situation and then the taste grew on me. My Chinese colleagues, on rare occasions when we eat together, find it very strange that I can eat Chinese food. “Because Indians only eat from Indian restaurants,” they say.

Tofu and Fish: The soup is delicious though I could do without tofu

Dim Sums: They are gooier than the ones you get in Dilli Haat

Fried Rice: Have to be careful with ingredients unless you want to eat a cow

Noodle Soup: This is super yum and comes in all forms, chicken, fish, beef, veggie (if you are lucky, very lucky)

Clay Pot Rice: With bits of veggies and chicken in oyster sauce

Addendum: All pictures are randomly picked from the google search result for the dishes.

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