Sweet Memories

We were supposed to wear our white physical training uniform on the day, despite whichever day of the week it was. And for a reason too. The white us made the whole school turn into an ocean of white foam.

Every year on the Independence Day, we would go to the school for an hour. Empty handed, we would march straight to the assembly area and line up for the action. To be truthful, I was never too excited about the longish speech by the principal but the rest of it was fun. Patriotic group songs by each house – Raman, Tagore, Ashoka, and Shivajee – followed the speech and then the chief guest would hoist the flag and we would sing the national anthem. Although, singing the national anthem was a part of our daily assembly at school, it was always special on days like this. The drum beat was louder, the voices were stronger; it all seemed to have a meaning for a change.

The best part came in the end. As we would make our way out of the assembly area, the teachers would hand each of us a brown paper bag with a laddoo and a samosa inside. Such happiness for us little kids.

Happy Independence Day. :]


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