My Branded Angst

This lady who sits on the same floor as me at work carries a different branded bag every week. Last week was a colorful pink and red Guess, and now it is a brown Coach. Most of the times I like to believe that I am spiritually evolved enough to not care about such things, but the truth of the matter is that I am not.

Every morning I see glossy chicks in their perfect power suits, carrying LV and Channel bags, and sporting matching Jimmy Choo shoes. Evenings are for spotting pretties in tiny Zara dresses and pointy Aldo shoes. Or something like that.

Six months ago, I would not have known these brand names out side of Sex and the City. Of course, I had come across their print ads in the first twenty pages of every glossy mag, but who cared back then? And it is not even as if I hail from a small town tucked away somewhere in MP. Today, I lust every time I see a flashy and unbearably expensive bag. My colleagues discuss Cartier watches and Tiffany jewelry over our $5 lunch. The pressure is killing me; but trust me people, I do not want to succumb to it. Much as I would like to carry expensive accessories, I do not want to turn into a person who eats instant noodles and rents a cubbyhole so that she can dress to kill every day.

As the lust in my heart grows, I miss India more and more. It is fabulous to be exposed to all things first world but hey, Singapore takes retail and brands a little too seriously. I went back to India last month and the experience of stepping into an up market restaurant in my clean but unbranded jacket (unless you consider Numero Uno in the league of Gucci) was exhilarating. I really wish India stays the same but the ever-increasing branded malls give me serious doubts. A friend confided that she was out to buy an eight grand jacket. It worries me because until 2007, she used to shop at Janpath for her unique chunky jewelry.

It worries me more because I like to read, I like to watch movies, I like to play games, I like to eat at new places, I like to travel. And now, I also (would?) like to dress up trendy. It’s a painstakingly hopeless situation. Help!

PS: The worst part is that I just made the shallowest post in the history of sunshin3girl.


7 Responses to “My Branded Angst”

  1. I completely empathize with you. I have never been one to understand brand worshiping, and I am quite hesitant to put my hard-earned money into a visible logo. I know how it must feel to be walking inside of a magazine ad everyday, and although I cannot “help,” I imagine you’ll feel better knowing that there are still people like me who agree and identify with you.

    I think you must remember what your priorities are, and not let the people around you play with your head. I don’t blame your colleagues for having brand-centered discussions, because they’re used to that lifestyle, while you are not. You might need to steer the discussion elsewhere, and not feel the pressure of not adding to their discussion.

    Your last line gives a lot away. Just the fact that you think this is shallow makes it very clear that you’re not ready to be a part of this lifestyle. So don’t. You’re perfect just the way you are. Why change into something you’re not?

    PS: Didn’t mean to write such a long comment. Phew!

  2. On a related track, the good thing about colleagues talking about bags and shoes is that I get respite from in-laws and boss bitching. This was a usual in my last company.

  3. i hear you.

  4. I relate to your thoughts absolutely…But I have managed to convince myself that the ladies here are carrying good quality fakes…they cant be buying a Burberry/LV every week…I know they sneak upto KL and get the faux ones…atleast that is what I like to believe…

  5. Yeah glossies do that to a person. It’s very temporary though. Just be yourself, I guess.

    Imagination, and not brands, make us trendy. We all have a favorite store or brand of jeans, not because of the name but the quality/comfort/choice it ensures.

    Also, I don’t think craving for anything makes us shallow.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

    • aradhana Says:

      Branded bags are available on rent here! The minute this advert popped on my screen…I was reminded of this blog post…

      Did not know this too happens!

      • Heh, I first heard of this concept in the movie “Sex and the City,” but did not know that SG had it too. BTW, I also saw a store that sells LV and Burburry bags on monthly installments. What is the world coming to? πŸ˜‰

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