Lunch Hour Rant

I am unsure about my take on all these herbal supplements available in the market these days. The mere range of supplements offered and the volume of stores that offer a healthy life makes me wonder if I am being stupid by not jumping on the bandwagon. The thing is that my folks taught me that a balanced meal consisted of multi-colored veggies – fresher the better, milk, some meat, eggs, pulses, wheat, rice, and fruits. Capsules were something I saw them taking when they were ill. Medicines have always been seen in my household as a method of correction, never prevention.

I am not saying, I am right. I am saying, I am stuck. Do you think it’s the age catching up with me?


5 Responses to “Lunch Hour Rant”

  1. We need a balanced meal and because of our busy lifestyles, we need a multivitamin tablet once a day to ensure we get the required amount. With iron for women (because of the monthly loss of blood) and without iron for men.

    Umesh and I started this a few months back and we feel much healthier 🙂

  2. Well, if there’s a deficiency, supplements might even help. I take calcium and Vitamin B complex supplements.
    But like you said, it’s a “method of correction, never prevention” for me too…so far.

  3. there is a lot of additional stress in our lives: work and family related, environmental and else; Thus it is always beneficial to boost out immune system so it can battle all ills; Supplements are like tonics that boost our strength (inner and outer);

    Rightly, medicines are for when you get sick; Good nutrition and supplements will prevent you from getting sick!

  4. Some trace elements needed by our body (like zinc/magnesium) may not be found in suitable quantities in the food we eat normally. The multivitamins/mineral supplement correct this deficiency. Recently antioxidants too have become a big rage. I dont believe in popping pills but with doctor’s advice I see no harm in supplementing our nutrition.

  5. Nah its not age. It depends upon what extra element your body needs in the form of supplements. I take calcium because milk doesnt have enough of it.

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