Let The Right One In

Oskar is a twelve-year-old loner. He enacts revenge against the school bullies when he is alone but is weak when faced by the bully in school. His mom, a single parent, works odd hours and his father, who lives somewhere not so far away, favors the company of his boyfriend more than his son’s. On one such lonely evening, Oskar meets Elli, his new neighbor who claims to be twelve, more or less. She is pale, unaffected by the cold, but nice to Oskar. The two soon form a warm bond of friendship. Elli encourages Oskar to stand up against the school bully and Oskar does so by injuring the bully’s ear. Elli, in the meanwhile, loses her only companion in the whole wide world and gets closer to Oskar. As the two start going steady, Oskar proposes that the two seal their bond of friendship by mixing their blood. And at that moment he realizes that his Elli is in fact a 200 year old vampire.

That’s the gist of the Swedish film “Let The Right One In,” but it is not the complete story. And I did not give you a spoiler, just a teaser. So go watch the movie and look out for the subtle hints and the fine details in the most brilliant film I have seen of late.


One Response to “Let The Right One In”

  1. This sounds like a great movie, excellent plot, very creative and intriguing.

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