The Curious Incident of the Shattered Windshield

I sat on my usual window seat, buried nose deep in a Michael Chabon book, while the bus happily glided along the TPE this morning. The book I was reading is set in America during the WW II. The particular passage I was engrossed in at the time of the curious incident talked about a bomb scare in the Empire State Building. That was the exact moment when I heard a loud clonk. This was quickly followed by prolonged sound of shattering glass. Right there, in front of my eyes, the windshield broke into a thousand pieces.

The Curious Incident of the Shattered Windshield

The Curious Incident of the Shattered Windshield

People remained on their seats, patiently. Seriously man, I have never seen a calmer bunch of folks. The driver got up from his seat, and I breathed a sigh of relief for I had been picturing a face punctured with a hundred tiny glass bits for the past 30 seconds. He was fine. He quickly started generating complimentary tickets for each passenger and asked us all to get down. He offered an explanation in Mandarin and what I gathered was that some object (a pebble perhaps) rose from the tire of the vehicle in front and hit the windshield with great force. I think that is what he said.

Within five minutes I found myself boxed in another bus and from the corner of my eye, I could see a recovery van standing behind the bus. All at awesome speed and with loads of composure. Either windshields shattering on their own is a common incident in Singapore or these guys are just super efficient. I stand muchly impressed.

Addendum: Oh and I also got a complementary ticket for having gone through this traumatic experience.


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