The Second Season of Truth

Since I love the husband to bits and he never beats me, I let him pick the films we watch on the weekends. Also, he is brilliant at finding pure gold (he found me, didn’t he?), so it works out great in the end. However, every once in a while I come across something so excellent that it slowly eats into my brain. Brain turns into mush. Brain oozes out of the tiny holes that appear on my head due to the bullshit overload.

It happened this Saturday.

After wrapping up our chores, we settled down with some cold egg salad to watch the new season of Californication. I remember enjoying the first season of the show sometime last year. At the first glance, the characters were not relatable at all; I mean, I lived in this lazy city of Hyderabad and the show was set in LA. But if I looked closer, they were well crafted characters with very basic (and relatable) motivations. The protagonist pined for the girl who got away, tried hard to make his teenaged girl happy, and hated how his project had panned out. I reckoned humping every thing that moved on his way to the love of his life was just the way it worked for him. My mind was open enough to accept that and have fun with the show. The season ended in the way of dreamiest of fairytale coming true. The girl eloped with our man from her wedding ceremony (with the wrong guy) and the three (their teenaged daughter being the third) drive away in the cute black convertible. Happiness.

I really was not expecting a second season. But then, I never expected Sex and the City, the first movie and now they are talking about the second one. Thus, I understand that studios believe in milking the franchise and rewriting happy endings. Nevertheless, how can something go from pure (adulterated) fun to complete sham in just a few months? 

The second season of the show disgusts me. Now, before you get me wrong, let me tell you that it is still written in an impressive fashion. The characters are still strong; their motivations are still in accord with their personalities. But the show, every single episode, makes me angry. My first reaction was to announce that the show had gone to the dogs and must not be watched any further. Later after having occupied myself with some other universe for a while, I got thinking again. Not only is the show is still the same as it was the last season, it is also progressing in the most brilliant way possible. Characters as fucked up as these would end up exactly the way they are in season two. Then what is my problem?

My problem is that this season took away my happy ending. It showed me what happens soon after the “happily ever after” and I got angry because I want to close my eyes and live in the oblivious world of blissful denial.


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